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New-Zealand Migration - Visa Law Firm
New-Zealand Migration - Visa Law Firm

Migration to New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful, clean and safe countries to live, study, work, invest or do business in. The third safest and one of the most peaceful countries to live in, it enjoys very low crime rate and at least a third of its area designated to the national parks. Along with its scenic landscapes and awe-inspiring natural beauty, the country also offers immense career opportunities for students, job aspirants, entrepreneurs and investors alike. With the shortage of skilled resources for the numerous emerging industries in the country, it welcomes the immigrants with its simple and hassle-free immigration procedure, especially for the skilled immigrants.

Exploring New Zealand Immigration Options

The New Zealand visa applicants can consider visiting the country as a tourist or to meet their friends and relatives or to accomplish business in the country. Here are all the visa options available to cater to their specific requirements:

Study in New Zealand

The student candidates looking to study in New Zealand full-time for more than a period of 3 Months can apply for the NZ Student Visa. Before applying for this visa, they must get started with planning their study, working out the plan to support themselves in NZ and assessing all the documents that they need to provide to support their application. The application can be made online or with the use of a printed form. It should be ideally initiated at least 8 weeks in advance of the plans to move to New Zealand. A majority of the students need to renew their visas at the end of every year which can be done online or with the support of the education providers on campus. The students can typically work for up to 20 hours in a week (part-time) during the term time and 40 hours in a week (full-time) during holidays.

New-Zealand Migration - Visa Law Firm

Work in New Zealand - Skilled Migration Category

The skilled immigrants looking to move to New Zealand can opt for the New Zealand Skilled Migration Category of visa that allows them to get permanent residence in New Zealand. This category of visa aims to present these skilled applicants with attractive options to settle in New Zealand while making tangible contribution to New Zealand economy.

  • The applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of New Zealand and who are planning to work in New Zealand, require a work visa that can allow them to work.
  • The applicants looking to work in New Zealand after completing studies and are in the age range of 18 to 35 years, can apply for some other work visas based on relevant skillset and experience.
  • The applicants who wish to work in NZ after they have studied can apply for a suitable visa that allows them to stay for work. On the other hand, some students can be allowed to work in NZ because of what they are studying in another country.
  • For the work duration of less than 3 months, the applicants need to apply for only a visitor’s visa rather than the work visa options.
  • For the work duration of more than 3 months, depending on a lot of factors including their skillset, current country and ag, they can avail a temporary work visa to the country.
  • For the workers intending to move to New Zealand from a set of specific countries, NZ provides them with special arrangements with these countries to allow their citizens with the ease of working in New Zealand. While some visas take the skills and experiences of the candidates into account, the other options consider their lifestyle and culture.
  • For the applicants who wish to apply to work in NZ based on their partners’ situation, Working if your partner is in NZ, can opt for work visa in New Zealand while they're in the country to study or work, or if they're the residents or citizens of the country.
  • The visa options that translate the working options into residence options in NZ are the options that are available for the applicants who are maximum 55 years of age and are willing to permanently settle in NZ after working here for over two years.

New-Zealand Migration - Visa Law Firm

Working Holiday in New Zealand

For the young travellers in the age range of 18 to 30, New Zealand Immigration offers the opportunity to make work-travel visits to the country with their Working Holiday Visa Scheme.

This visa requires the candidate to furnish the details of their Contact information, passport, occupation, health and character apart from the other information with the supporting documents, which get assessed to evaluate the eligibility of the candidates.

Tourist Visa

Immigrating to New Zealand needs the passport holders from some countries to apply for a tourist visa for entering New Zealand. The applicants do not need a tourist visa if they are:

  • New Zealand residents or passport holders in New Zealand;
  • Australian citizens or resident holding a valid permanent Resident Return Visa (the applicants with a temporary/provisional Resident Return Visa need visa to enter the country.
  • British citizens or the travellers with a British passport giving them the right to live in the United Kingdom (eligible to get a Visitor's Permit for a maximum of 6 months); or
  • Citizens of the countries who have a visa waiver arrangement with NZ, who wish to visit NZ for no more than 3 months.
New-Zealand Migration - Visa Law Firm
New-Zealand Migration - Visa Law Firm

For the applicants not qualifying for any of the above, a visitor’s visa is required which is typically a multiple-entry visa valid for a maximum duration of nine months and within 18 months from being issued.

The travel to New Zealand as a visitor can be for a variety of purposes including:

  • Visiting as a tourist, meeting friends, family and relatives.
  • Studying courses of up to 3 months
  • Participating in sports or cultural events without payment for the same
  • Making business trips
  • Undertaking medical treatments

  • Such short-term visits require the applicants to:

  • Have a passport of the current country of residence; valid for minimum 3 months from the date of leaving New Zealand.
  • Be genuine tourists/short-term visitors and support their application with the proof for the intention to leave NZ.
  • Provide evidence that they have the funds to support themselves during the stay.

New-Zealand Migration - Visa Law Firm

Join Family in New Zealand - The Family Category

The applicants who are closely related to Australian Citizens or residents and can have these Australian relatives sponsor them, can avail the Family category of Australian Visa. To qualify for this category of visa, the applicants need to be related to their Australian sponsors as:

  • Parent
  • Partner
  • Dependent Child
  • Sibling or Adult Child

Get a resident visa

Some of the Australian Visas allow the holders to get residency in New Zealand automatically. A majority of ways to get a resident visa for NZ start with a temporary visa to NZ that allow them to either work, study or own a business in the country. These visas usually have travel conditions applicable.

To find your best-suited options for residence in New Zealand based on your specific situation, contact us and avail a detailed consultation.

New-Zealand Migration - Visa Law Firm