Business Visitor Visa

The Business Visitor Visa is meant for applicants intending to stay temporarily in Canada for engaging in the international business markets by creating and developing business connections in the region.

These include all those capable and potential candidates who fulfil a certain set of requirements while having no intent to directly influence the employment markets in Canada.

The applicants who intend to visit Canada for a rather short term – on a temporary basis for participating in business related activities without directly being a part of the country’s labour market are thus considered for this visa.

For example, when an applicant intends to visit Canada to have face-to-face meetings with Canadian clients with the objective of entering into a certain business proposition with their company based in Canada.

The applicants, in this case, are interested in

  • Finding ways to grow their business;
  • Investing; or
  • Strengthening their business relationships

The reasons for visiting Canada in such cases could be making site visits, and being invited by a Canadian business for diverse business purposes including induction on product use, sales or other operational functions or business transactions.

The Business Visitor Visa Applicant needs to prove:

  • No direct entry to the Canadian labour market;
  • Their stay is planned for less than six months;
  • Their main place of business, income and profit source is not inside but outside Canada;
  • The availability of documents supporting the application;
  • Canada’s basic entry requirements with a valid travel document, such as a passport are met;
  • Sufficient funds for the stay and for returning home;
  • Plans for leaving Canada once the visit ends; and
  • No records that pose a criminal, security or health risk to Canadians.

Holding a business visitor visa, an applicant can travel anywhere in Canada, while also meeting their friends, family, and acquaintances or enjoying the tourist attractions across the country.

They can freely attend their business meetings with clients, conferences and trade shows anywhere in the country. If you wish to visit Canada as a Business Visitor, we help you apply with ease. Contact us today and get your application process started.