Farm Investor Pathway

To opt for this pathway, the applicant needs to have proven experience in the farm business and the required capital to invest along with the will to start up and run the farm business operations in the rural parts of the province of Manitoba.

The program is aimed at recruiting candidates to contribute to the production of primary products in line with the province’s existing farm industry. The operations and investments are planned in line with the provincial statistics of the farm industry of Manitoba.

Here are the minimum eligibility requirements for the applicants opting for the farm investor pathway:

  1. Minimum three years of farm ownership, operations and management experience.
  2. The language skills in either French or English or both.
  3. The minimum investment of C$300,000 and the farm business in rural Manitoba.
  4. The investment is needed to be made in the tangible assets as ascribed by MPNP.
  5. Submitting a farm business plan based on a Business Research Visit made to the province.

For this program, you are required to:

  • live in the farm and participate actively in managing it on a regular basis.
  • The farm requires to be active and economically viable in its primary agriculture production with regular and recurring business activities in rural Manitoba.
  • The applicant needs to have skills and experience in farming which is in line with Manitoba’s current primary farm production industry.
  • The required personal net worth is of C$500,000

With a business activity that can contribute to the economy of Ontario province, the applicants can opt for the Ontario Corporate stream. This program does not only allow the applicants to apply for residence permit but it also allows their key staff to apply work permit once their business proposal gets approval from the OINP.

Here are the different categories of the eligibility requirements for the individuals to consider this program:

The applicants should ensure to have established their business at least 36 months before submitting the application.
The corporate structures that can be considered for this program, are:
– Public corporations;
– Partnerships; and
– Sole proprietorship
– The minimum investment of C$5M is required for your business expansion in Ontario or buying an existing business in the province;
– The investment needs to come from legally earned funds; and
– The investment must be significantly beneficial for economy of the province.
– Against every key staff applicant, the business needs to generate five permanent and full-time employment opportunities for the permanent residents or citizens of Canada
– The employments must be paid ones with the rates compliant with industry standards.
Additionally, there are some general requirements the applicants’ businesses need to fulfil:

– The business to be started in Ontario should be directly linked with its parent company.
– The new business needs to be considered as a permanent business in the province.
– The new business should intend to profit from selling goods or rendering services.
– The primary income for the business needs to be its active and earned income.
– The business should comply with the relevant Ontario labour laws, Canadian legal practices, authorization and licensing.

– Any existing business the applicants intent to buy must be incorporated in the province.
– The immigration schemes or immigration-linked schemes can not qualify for the proposed business idea. The applicants must submit a business plan.
– The third party investors must be either institutional investors, or Schedule I or Schedule II banks.

The Federal Immigrant Investor Program is no longer operational as it has ended as on June 19, 2014 with the applications in the backlog also terminated.

However, should any applicant be interested in starting up a business or buying an existing business in Canada, there are different immigration programs available including the Federal Start-up Visa Program and some Provincial Nominee Programs.

If you are looking to move to Canada as an investor, our professional immigration consultants will make sure you find the right program and your visa documentation is well in place before its timely submission.

Contact us today to begin your application process.

Here is the selection grid against which the investors and entrepreneurs are assessed for candidature, in which the pass marks for them are only 35.

BUSINESS EXPERIENCE (*Business Experience: within five years preceding the date of application) Maximum 35
Two years business experience 20
Three years business experience 25
Four years business experience 30
Five years business experience 35
AGE Maximum 10
21-49 years of age at time of application 10
Less 2 points for each year of age over 49 or under 21 years
EDUCATION Maximum 25
Doctorate or Master’s Degrees 25
Bachelor’s Degree – 3 years full time studies OR Diploma, trade certificate or apprenticeship – 3 years full time studies / training 20
Diploma, trade certificate or apprenticeship – 2 years full time studies / training 15
Diploma, trade certificate or apprenticeship – 1 year full time studies / training 10
High School 5
1st Language Maximum 24
High Proficiency 16
Moderate Proficiency 8
Basic Proficiency or no abilities 2
2nd Language
High Proficiency 8
Moderate Proficiency 8
Basic Proficiency or no abilities 2
Business exploration trip to Canada within 5 years of application 6
Participation in designated Joint Federal-Provincial Business Immigration Initiatives 6
Total Maximum 100