Self-Employed Program

For applicants who are capable of generating their own employment based on their contribution to Canada’s economy and job market through cultural, artistic or athletic means and skill-set, the self-employment program is perfect. For this program, the government of Canada considers the applicants based on the availability of sufficient funds, skills and relevant work experience.

For qualifying for business immigration to Canada as a self-employed individual, the applicants need to prove their relevant cultural, athletic or artistic experience that empowers them to be self-employed. They must demonstrate their ability to make notable contributions to Canada. Here are the minimum eligibility requirements:

  • The personal minimum net worth of C$100,000 which is legally obtained;
  • Proof of relevant experience of minimum of two years of self-employment or participation in culture, art, recreation or sports activities at a world-class level, as listed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada;
  • The age, education, experience and language ability (for English and French) is assessed from the viewpoint of adaptability to Canadian culture; and
  • A minimum of two years of farm management experience for applicants willing to purchase a farm.

The other important factors that are taken into account while assessing the application, are:

  • The age and language skills of the applicants and their spouses;
  • The duration and type of training the applicant have received in the relevant area of self-employment.

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