Express Entry to Canada

If you are a skilled worker looking to settle in Canada permanently, Express Entry could be your option. Through an electronic selection process of ‘Express Entry’, the Canadian immigration selects the skilled workers by conducting routine “draws”. As a candidate for Canadian Immigration, it helps you get to Canada and connect with employers while involving minimum paper work.

As an effective system to make the process of Canada immigration easier and speedier, Express Entry, is used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for the economic immigration programs including: Federal Skilled Worker Class (formerly the Federal Skilled Worker Program), Federal Skilled Trades Class (formerly the Federal Skilled Trades Program), Canadian Experience Class and some of the Provincial Nominee Programs.

The process for Express Entry


Check your Eligibility

Once you have checked that you are eligible to immigrate to Canada under a federal economic immigration program, you get to enter the Express Entry pool.

Thus, checking your eligibility for Express Entry is the first and the most critical step to be taken. Under the supervision of Canadian Lawyers, at Visa Law, the paralegals will quickly assess your filled-out form to let you know whether your credentials make you eligible to get in the pool.

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Once you know that you are eligible, you can proceed with the step#2 and so on, whereas, if not eligible currently, you can strive to get eligible by working on your core skills, language abilities, experience or education credentials.

Striving to be eligible for any of the available Federal economic immigration programs is an important step wherein we, at Visa Law, can help you not only find your eligibility but also, based on your profile, counsel you on how you can get easily eligible, based on your overall profile and current situation.


Create and complete your online profile for Express Entry

As a candidate eligible for any of the federal economic immigration programs, you are required to express your interest to immigrate in Canada by setting up your online profile. This profile contains your information on your skills, language abilities, your educational credentials, work experience and the other personal information.

With this profile, as an eligible candidate for any of the federal economic immigration programs, you get to be placed in the pool of candidates who get ranked based on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). If, as a candidate, you do not have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, you can register yourself with Canada’s job bank. Doing this will enhance your visibility to the employers in Canada. Before June 6, 2017, registration on Canada’s job bank was mandatory which is not mandatory anymore.

Enhance your profile visibility and Ranking

Once in the Express Entry Pool, you get ranked based on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). This system takes into account a lot of different factors to rank the candidates that include:

  • Factors related to the Core Human Capital
  • Factors related to an accompanying spouse or common-law partner, as applicable
  • Factors related to skills transfer
  • Factors related to provincial nomination including any of the qualifying Canadian study experience, arranged employment offer, a sibling in Canada and/or French language ability.

A total of 1200 points are awarded according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on these factors.

These points determine a candidate’s rank which is important because the government of Canada chooses the candidates from the Express Entry Pool based on their ranks to consider their Canada immigration.

Hence, improving one’s rank becomes key to getting considered for Express Entry and to increasing one’s chances of getting invited to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence.


Get invited to Apply and submit your Application for Canadian Permanent Residence

Get invited to Apply and submit your Application for Canadian Permanent Residence The Canadian and Provincial Governments select new immigrants from the Express Entry pool based on their ranking with the highly ranked candidate standing the best chances to do well in Canada and therefore, preferred by them to be invited.

These candidates with valid job offers or provincial nominations, get invited to apply for the Permanent Residence in Canada. Once invited, the candidates get a timeframe of 90 days to submit their electronic application for permanent residence (e-APR).

IRCC works with the timeline of maximum six months from the date of submission, to process these applications.

Within 90 days, as an applying candidate, you need to completely fill all necessary forms and, arrange and submit all the required supporting documents.

Once this process gets completed, the successful candidates along with their dependents (spouse and children) can land in Canada with the Permanent Residence awarded to them.

Created your profile but not receiving the invitation to Apply?

If you have created, completed and submitted your profile to enter the Express Entry Pool and have not received the Invitation to Apply (ITA) in 12-months’ time, you can resubmit your profile and re-enter the Express Entry Pool, even if you meet the criteria of minimum one economic immigration program.

How to prepare yourself for Express Entry

Here are a few areas in which preparing yourself beforehand could give you an edge in the Express Entry to Canada:

  • Taking an online course to prepare for IELTS exam can help you get the required results for Canada Immigration.
  • Taking the popular French language tests including the Test d’évaluation du français (TEF Canada), and the Test de connaissance du français (TCF Canada) to prove your French language abilities for immigration.
  • Getting your foreign educational credentials assessed to ensure their matching with the Canadian standards.
  • Learning more about the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and using the free CRS calculator.
  • Dealing with any inadmissibility issues on medical or criminal grounds.
  • Learning about Provincial Nominee Programs with extended stream in line with Express Entry.